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THE CHILDREN, our treasure ;),

In the middle and high season, BRAVITO AND MANSITA give their embrace to all the children every day, on the beach, at the themed swimming pool, in the children’s park and the bouncing castles, they dance with them in the Mini Disco and they also have a photo shoot with them after the bullfight show.

The Camping has a big children’s park with MINI CLUB where they can do different activities with instructors, crafts, face painting, also daily traditional games for the whole family, such as sack races, the big limbo, dance and children’s theater at the “ LA CARPA” stage and sports events at the AGORESPACE.

OH! AND THE BOUNCING CASTLES! They always cause enthusiasm between the children.

THE DISCOTECA , where the first hours of the night belong to the children in the MINI DISCO, where they are the kings of the dance floor together with their instructors and many times BRAVITO AND MANSITA come to dance with them, there are organized children’s parties, batucadas (drums), competitions and Magic and Clown shows .

THE TEENAGERS, are the ones that most enjoy the sports events and championships together with their parents or friends, in the summer from 1.00 o’clock in the morning the over 16 year olds are the protagonists of the DISCOTHEQUE and the ones that most enjoy the foam party every Thursday during the summer!

Wide offer of monitored sports activities, at the “LA CARPA” : Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Salsa, etc, also soccer, padel, table tennis, archery… championships.

Another attraction is the recently inaugurated MINI GOLF COURSE with 18 holes and “CHIRI” bar for the enjoyment of the whole family.

The bullfight show, is the most special event at the Camping , it happens every Wednesday in the summer and at Easter the Easter Saturday, it begins in the afternoon with a parade of the mascots through the streets of the Camping, together with a brass band and it finishes at the BULLRING where the show will take place, without any violence and with the greatest respect towards the animals. After that there is a photo shooting with Bravito and Mansita where the whole family can have their picture taken.

IN THE LOW SEASON, we pay our attention almost exclusively to our pensioners , who have a number of guided sports activities, such as water gymnastic, yoga, zumba gold, salsa…they can also enjoy evenings with life music and dance in the Camping’s restaurant, also flamenco evenings and parties in the Disco like Carnival , Halloween, Christmas and New Year, they have soccer afternoons on the big screen at the Disco bar and organized excursions, where the most popular are Valencia in Fallas, Montserrat, Albarracín, Villafamés, Barcelona…

At special dates or short breaks there usually is animation and sports events for children – consult programmation

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