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Natural Parks

The municipality of Cabanes is one of the Comunidad Valenciana’s most outstanding natural areas.

Situated between El Prat Cabanes-Torreblanca and the Desierto de Les Palmes Natural Parks, the visitor will discover numerous unique areas for trekking or biking, as well as Islas Columbretes Natural Reserve, a unique and particularly fragile eco-system.

El Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca.

This is the most important wet-land in Castellón Province and once of the least-changed in the whole of the Comunidad Valenciana. The Visitors’ Centre, located in Torre La Sal Aquiculture Institute, in La Ribera, offers full information on the zone, as well as a circular route that lets the visitor see the park limit with the La Ribera coastline. The walking route gives the visitor the chance to discover the diversity of the landscape of Cabanes, unique in Castellón Province.

El Desierto de Las Palmas

This also has hidden-away corners only accessible on foot. This Natural Park offers various routes and paths that pass through the municipality of Cabanes, such as the route to Bartelo along the tops, the route to Miravet castle, the Bartolo-Les Santes route or the circular route to the Hermitage of Les Santes. Wandering along any of them is a unique chance to discover the variety of autochthonous flora and fauna, among Europe’s most-varied, as well as landscapes of extraordinary natural wealth.

Las Islas Columbretes,

Neat the coast of Castellón, 28 nautical miles from Oropesa, the old Snake Islands, now known as the Columbretes emerge from the sea; they are a small archipelago, 19 hectares in size, of volcanic origin and half-way between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Due to their isolation and excellent state of conservation, they are home to several animal and vegetable species that are rare in the rest of the Mediterranean. They are formed by four small islands, L’Illa Grossa, the only one inhabited and where Columbretes lighthouse is found, la Ferrera, la Foradada and el Carallot. The sea-bed and waters are characterized by their extraordinary beauty, natural wealth and conservation; their unusual transparency makes them a diver’s paradise.
Set on a sea-bed 80m deep, the Columbretes are the finest example of vulcanism in our land, and are easily appreciated whether for the materials they are made of or their unusual appearance. They form the largest archipelago in the Comunidad Valenciana and one of the most ecologically interesting small island areas of the Mediterranean.

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