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Sites of interest

10 km inland, is the town of Cabanes. Its 2nd Century AD Roman Triumphal Arch is of great importance.

Its historic centre has all the charms of a village of slightly more than 3,000 inhabitants, with bakeries and houses that still retain elements of their Medieval past.

Another of the most attractive sites is Miravet Castle, in the natural surroundings of the Desierto de Les Palmes, also note-worthy is the Hermitage of Les Santes.

30 km up the coast, Peñíscola and its beaches. Also known as The City in the Sea, the peak is crowned by the Castle of Papa Luna, a Templar fortress dating from the year 1307. The old city is protected by an ensemble of walls.

40 km inland, Vilafames, a delightful village, declared World Heritage Site. A visit to the castle, the streets and the Museum of Contemporary Art are just three of the musts this village offers.

50 km inland, the caves of San José in La Vall D’Uixó. Located in the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, it is the longest navigable subterranean river in Europe, with a length of 2,750m, of which the tourist can visit 800.

60 km inland, Morella. At over a thousand metres high, it is one of Spain’s most beautiful Medieval walled villages; some prestigious media regard it as one of the ten most charming villages in Spain.

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